About Brooke Jade

Brooke Jade is a Canadian artist who loves creating fashion illustrations capturing the fun and glamorous side of ladies lives!

Ever since she was a little girl she was mesmerized by the beauty and glam that accompanied a lady. Those red, six inch pumps, that sequined dress, the hot pink hand bag with the big bow! She loved it all!
Stealing from her older sisters clothing, gazing at her mother's dressing table as the sun glistened through the crystal jewels, the slight aroma of Chanel No.5 and the powder puff with pink satin bow letting off that wonderful cloud that gave a woman that porcelain glow! These were the things she adored!
Her journey as an artist began as soon as she could crawl. Brooke remembers her family listening to the "Golden Oldies" station as her dad finished a painting or a sign for a local business, while her siblings doodled away on their very own tiny canvases. Her mom has always been a "Fashionista" who found her artsy passion in clothing, jewelry, and decorating. She feels like this is where her Art and Fashion worlds combined.
Her parents encouraged her from a young age to keep working on her skills using various mediums, including oil and acrylic paints, as well as charcoal, ink, and even a little bit of clay and wax fun. Through the school years Brooke enjoyed creating collage art, illustrations, acrylic and watercolor paintings, and along with her three siblings, entered her works in the art contest at the local fair and rodeo.
When she turned thirteen she entered an oil painting into the globally recognized Calgary Stampede Art Auction and sold her first original canvas painting to an art collector in the United States. 
As she grew up, she received even more motivation to pursue art from her family. She found herself always wanting to draw something girly, pink, sparkly and feminine. Then she thought to herself, "you should draw ____ for that wall in the powder room,,, or ____ would look great next to the jewelry armoire in my bedroom", and so the journey began in 2017 she took the leap and opened her first online art studio.

Now she is living her dream, thinking about girly things, window shopping the high street and designers for inspiration for her next piece and illustrating the things she is fond of!